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ANJNEY Tubes India manufacturers of Non Metallic Pipes and Fittings for various industrial applications with a goal to introduce Innovative Technology and Products to the industrial segment with every leap we take towards growth and progress.

Focusing industrial segments, main issues such as leakages and pressure drop, energy consumption in the pipeline, ANJNEY Tubes India has started manufacturing their product range with the latest Glass Fibre Reinforcement Technology with the concept to produce their product range with Inbuilt Glass Fibre Reinforcement Layer.

Mostly industries are using various pipeline of different MOCs i.e. Conventional Pipe, Galvanized Pipe, MS Pipe, PU Pipe, Push Fit Pipe etc in their plants for various industrial applications. Anjney brand PPCH FR V 2 Pneumatic Piping, PPRCT FR Composite Piping and Thermal FR Composite Piping replace many types of pipeline such as GI, MS, PU Pipeline by catering 0% leakage, Negligible Pressure Drop, very less Friction Loss and Higher and smoother flow with NIL Chances of Corrosion.

Anjney Pipes & Fittings We Offer


PPCH FR V 2 Pneumatic Pipes as per ISO 15874:2012 and PPCH FR V2 fittings as per 16962


Advantages of PPCH FR V2 Pneumatic Pipes and Fittings

Greater Inner Diameter

Increased inner diameter ultimately increased the flow of Air in particular frame of time.

Smoother Inner Surface

We use hi-tech German make machineries which supports the raw materials to process with lesser RA value up to 0.1 micron, which allows fine flow of air.

Sandwich Glass Reinforcement

It enables to withstand more pressure even in high temperature. Since Glass is non-conductor of heat, so there is lesser thermal expansion, this reduces sagging

UV Resistant

New PPCH technology being developed with carbon content black layer which protect the pipes from UV rays in open sky.

Flame Retardant

Our PPCH pipes has undergone special treatment V2 approved flame retardant, which do not let the fire to move further causing least damage


PPCH technology processed from special grade of polymer, the grade used by us in non-corrosive and non-erosive, so there is no chance of corrosion.

Advantages of PPCH FR V2 Pneumatic Pipes and Fittings

Textile & Garment Industries

Textile industries run on Air. Air is a very useful element and most required element. Hence, it is necessary to make proper usage of AIR. Only through Anjney brand PPCH FR V 2 Flame Retardant Pipes and Fittings providing NIL LEAKAGE and Least Pressure Drop, it has become possible to make PROPER USAGE of AIR.

Engineering Industries

To prevent air loss, friction loss and heat loss, people choose the product which actually gives excellent performance without Friction loss and heat loss. Socket Fusion welding system of Anjney brand product range assures NIL leakages and Least Pressure Drop in the pipeline. Different Engineering Industries are Bearing, Automobile Ancillaries, Cable, Fertilizers and Forging & Casting etc.

Pharmaceutical & Chemical Industries

Corrosion free pipeline in Pharmaceutical and chemical industries increases the productivity in the plant and efficiency of the machinery. With a view to use leak proof and corrosion resistant pipeline, Anjney brand Product range is the top most choice in Pharmaceutical industries as well as chemical industries.

Paper & Packaging Industries

The higher C Value in the pipeline, the smoother flow it will give. 140 C Value in Anjney brand product range gives excellent and very smooth flow in the pipeline. The circulation of pulp becomes smoother and faster in Anjney brand product range.


Anjney brand product range having technical advantages such as NIL Leakages due to socket fusion joints, Least Friction Loss and Pressure Drop owing smoother inner surface is suitable for almost all types of industries such as Automobile industries, Plastic industries, Ceramic & Vitrified industries, Food industries, Agriculture industries, Sortex industries, Steel & Glass Industries.

PPRCT FR Composite Pipes & Fittings

PPRCT FR Composite Pipes as per ISO 15874:2012 and Fittings as per 16962

ANJNEY brand PPRCT Pipes and Fittings are the ultimate and an intelligent solution to be used in various temperature lines for long life expectancy of pipes and energy saving.

PPRCT claims exceptional technical figures. No other polymer pipe gives such mechanical strength and flow with better temperature resistance , that also assure very less heat loss with great impact strength and less thermal expansion.

PPRCT piping are developed with special grade of polypropylene and glass reinforcement which fulfills the Industrial needs The technical comparison clearly shows how our PPRCT pipes are superior over other piping system.

PPRCT FR Composite Pipes & Fittings

Major characteristics that distinguish PPRCT

  • Higher Hoop Stress compared to any polymer grade
  • Higher Mechanical Strength that supports to reduce Wall Thickness
  • Higher flow, resulting to Energy Saving.

PPRCT Application Areas

  • Any type of waterline application :: Normal water , R.O water, Raw water, Hot water
  • All type of Environmental application :: Effluent Treatment Plant, Water treatment plant, DM Water
  • Process Line :: All corrosive chemicals, all oil lines , all process lines
  • Temperature Line / Chemical Line :: Hot water condensation line and High temperature
  • All type of utility application :: Chiller line, cooling tower line.

Our Happy Customers


Customer Case Studies


Kastury Foundry

LOCATION- Kagal 5 Star MIDC, Kolhapur

PROBLEM - Kastury foundry was facing problem of frequent compressor tripping, pressure drop.

SOLUTION - We suggested customer to go for centralized compressor station & shifted the compressor station to new location

RESULT- Performance of the compressor station is improved

Sound Casting Unit 3

Tardal, Kolhapur

PROBLEM – Customer is interesting in alternative Solution for Metallic Piping.

SOLUTION - Provided air piping and water piping solution in Anjney Tubes India PPCH & PPRCT For Compressed Air & Water Respectively.

RESULT - Project completed in-time and hassle-free

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