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IPC is Italy’s #1 manufacturer of machines & equipment for professional cleaning. We provide a complete range of professional equipment including scrubber-driers, sweepers, professional vacuum cleaners, high pressure washers and manual tools.

Professional Vacuum Cleaners

Aspiro Plast

  • 2 stage motor for longer operations
  • Suitable for wet and dry vacuuming
  • Motors with double insulation
  • Head with anti-foam system
  • Robust polypropylene tank with antibacterial
  • properties
  • Head with cable hook
  • Trolley with tilting system for big
  • quantity of waste (ASPIRO 730-740)
Aspiro Plast

Upholstery/Carpet Vacuum Cleaner

  • Extractors are multivalent equipments, which, thanks to their injectionextraction
  • system, help you to wash quickly every kind of surface: moquettes, carpets, arm-chairs, curtains, floor (marble, rubber, etc.),walls and car seats.
  • All these machines may be used even as normal wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

  • Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner
  • For small metalworking Industries
  • Designed to separate oil from
  • shavings
  • DFS - dual filtration system for
  • simultaneous dry and wet pick up
  • 2 stage motors and turbine
  • Sieve basket & anti-block floating
  • system
  • Safety valve and drain system
  • Tangential inlet and conveyor cone
GS 3 78 OIL


Walk-Behind CT30

  • Brush replacement without tools squeegee blade can be used on 4 sides before replacement.
  • AFS (Anti- Foam System).

Walk-Behind CT40

  • Solution distribution from brush centre
  • CWS (constant weight system)
  • Exclusive squeegee system assures
  • high performance at low cost
  • Brush replacement without tools
  • squeegee blade can be used on 4 sides
  • before replacement
  • SLS (self levelling system)
  • AFS (Anti- Foam System)
  • Battery level indicator (Battery Version)

Ride-On CT 80

  • Solution distribution from brush centre avoids solution wastes
  • Self-levelling electronic system for an always perfect adherence between brush and floor
  • Squeegee designed for the highest drying and productivity results
  • Easy to use, thanks to intuitive commands
  • Deactivation and re-start of working function simply with a command on pedal
  • Includes brush and suction delayed stop for irregular working stages
  • Brush, blades and suction hose replacement without tools


Walk-Behind M510 C

  • Main brush designed to collect debris forward
  • Debris hopper of great capacity, easily removable
  • for manual discharge operations
  • Adjustable handle
  • Easy access to all components

Walk-Behind 512 (Battery / Petrol)

  • Huge hopper capacity
  • Extensive filtering surface
  • Extensive running time
  • Main brush pressure adjustment
  • Dust flap for large debris collection
  • Battery level indicator
  • Parking brake
  • Designed to ensure minimum noise level
  • Filter shaker

Ride-On 1050

  • Main brush with special “V” shape, allows maximum performances of debris collection
  • Huge hopper capacity
  • Large sweeping path
  • SLS (Self Levelling System) automatic main brush pressure control
  • Filter shaker with automatic option. Intervals can be programmed through electronic board
  • Protected and waterproof controls
  • Model 1280 & 1404 come equipped with hydraulic dumping system
Ride-On 1050

High Pressure Washers: Cold Water


  • Immediate total stop (the machines goes off automatically when trigger gun is released)
  • Axial pump with aluminium alloy head
  • Stainless steel pistons with excellent mechanical characteristics

PW-C45 & PW-C55

  • Asynchronous motor, 2-pole & 4-pole, class S1 (continuous duty)
  • Large wheel base, easily movable even on unpaved/uneven floors
  • Collapsible handle, storage space for all equipment, removable cover & easy oil-fill-empty-system
PW-C45& PW-C55

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